Susan Brind Morrow

“One seeks for words worthy of the authenticity and intimacy of this beautiful book. It is a treasury of perceptions, tender and unsparing, of our planetary existence; it possesses a sensual affinity with all that grows, flourishes and dies—conveyed in a clear voice unlike any other.” Wolves and Honey
Shirley Hazzard

“It is utterly unique … My guess is that anyone half awake to the magic invoked will be blissful for the experiences and the telling of them.” The Names of Things
William F. Buckley Jr.

“It is so original I could not possibly have thought of it, or anything like it. I have been editing a new edition of the best of Stephen Crane, and the work in some regards is like his.
The Names of Things
James Dickey

The Names of Things is a very rare book, shimmering with spiritual insight, meticulous observation, copious erudition and luminous prose… one’s response after reading it is a kind of mental breathlessness…Every page bears the stamp of a master craftsman; many also reveal the hand of genius.”
~Paul William Roberts, The Toronto Globe and Mail

“It was like a poem, but it was a story. It is so perfectly detailed. Each line in her book was like an artist painting a beautiful landscape picture. She would not only speak like a painter, but also like a scientist in the way she would describe nature. It was so interesting to see the thought process of that painter and scientist mix.” Wolves and Honey
Long River Review

“This exquisite exploration of natural and linguistic history both straddles and expands the boundaries of memoir, personal essay and eloquent travelogue. In her journeys through Egypt and the Sudan, Morrow blends experience and erudition, uncovering in every chance encounter a wealth of happily synchronous perceptions and associations, always grounded in rigorous scholarship. Reading The Names of Things, we are blessed with the reminder that what Morrow aptly calls the ‘real mystery’ resides not in ‘the old stuff’ but in what is happening in the vividly rendered here and now.”
~Pen Award Nomination